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The “Roman Villa” situated in the Casale Country nearby Piazza Armerina was built at
the end of the 3rd century A.D. Wonderfully decorated with floor mosaics, it was
discovered at the end of 1800 and fully brought back to light around 1950. It was
likely the luxurious private house of a powerful roman family. Its extension is of
about 3.500 Square meters. It‘s really unique because of the mosaics typology with
tiny dowels. The effect produced is amazing, the images are rich in details, coloursand shade
The Villa del Casale at Piazza Armerina is the supreme example of a luxury Roman
villa, which graphically illustrates the predominant social and economic structure
of its age. The mosaics that decorate it are exceptional for their artistic quality
and invention as well as their extent.(Unesco)
The Il Piccolo Attico, owned by Rosa e Francesco , is located in the heart of the
magnificent old town centre at walking distance from the main square and from the
famous Santa Maria del Monte stairs. Recommandè par le Guide du Ròutard